Relief Rx Gel: Aloe Vera & Hemp Oil Blend
Relief Rx Gel: Aloe Vera & Hemp Oil Blend
Relief Rx Gel: Aloe Vera & Hemp Oil Blend

Relief Rx Gel: Aloe Vera & Hemp Oil Blend

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Fast Acting Muscle and Joint Relief

If you’ve scoured the shelves at your local store for the ultimate pain relief cream, you know that a lot of them just don’t get the job done. You’ve tried a variety of products for muscle and joint pain relief without success; until now. Relief Rx is a new kind of relief. This proprietary blend of natural herbal ingredients gently absorb into the skin to provide comfort when and where you need it most. Packaged for your busy lifestyle in a convenient on­-the­-go tube, just one generous dab of Relief Rx is what your body needs to combat muscle and joint stress.

Aloe Vera

The Egyptians called it the plant of immortality. Cultivated for centuries by indigenous people from ancient Africa and Asia, and revered around the world by naturalists, it may indeed be the ultimate resource nature has provided us for natural health. Our aloe extract is carefully prepared with 100% organically grown plants, then compounded with our own proprietary process to provide highly bioavailable constituents such as acemannan and a full spectrum of natural polysaccharides. You'll feel the quality at work with every application.

Hemp Oil

The hemp oil in Relief Rx is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the revered hemp plant. It is especially rich in bioactive molecules (without any psychotropic or side-effects) and has gained worldwide recognition as a natural and potent therapeutic nutrient. Hemp oil molecules interact with our inherited endogenous cannabinoid (endocannabinoid) system to carry out beneficial and protective physiological reactions. First discovered in the late 1980’s the endocannabinoid system supports the body’s complex regulatory mechanisms involving mood, sleep, appetite, hormones, pain and immune response. Relief Rx utilizes an advanced science that greatly enhances the efficacy of hemp oil to achieve results that are unequaled by conventional products.

White Willow Bark

A native of Europe and Asia, the name of this deciduous tree comes from the lightly colored undersides of its slender leaves. Willow may in fact be one of the oldest remedies, used in ancient Egypt and China as early as 500 B.C. Skin and beauty treatments regularly accepted that the willow bark was a key ingredient in natural health. Careful processing ensures our willow extract contains the highest purity of ingredients.

Ionic Trace Minerals Blend

There is a great deal of evidence that the healthy function of the body is based on electrical impulses. That is, our bodies use electrical impulse pathways, and electrolytes and ions are the conductors of these currents that keep everything running smoothly in the body. Ions provide the necessary charge of both positive and negative molecules that keep the electrical component of the human battery "charged" and working in top form.


Relief Rx: Only the best ingredients to give your joints, muscles, and skin the support they need when you need it.

Ole G.: “I am an 88-year old retired mechanical engineer with multiple knee, hip and upper back chronic discomfort, that is UNTIL I FOUND Relief Rx. All of it was gone in a matter of minutes. I now use this gel only when I over exert myself during yard work and gardening. I love this product…!!”


Paul G.: “In all of my 35+ years in the fitness facility business I never saw a relief product that works as good as Relief Rx. This stuff is on the verge of being miraculous……truly amazing”


Dr. Chuck A.: “I applied Relief Rx on a patient that had nagging back issues. She told me she had “immediate and significant relief”. When can I get more?”


Katie L (49): “I have used the Relief RX many times when my muscles have been sore or my joints achy and each time, within minutes, the pain has diminished if not gone away completely. I don’t really understand why this happens, I just know it does. I appreciate the simplicity of the liquid – it is not thick, or smelly or difficult to use. And it seems to absorb quickly. It does not leave behind residue, any fragrance or greasy feeling. So I’m not so sure what is in it. I just know that it works wonders. Thank you for bringing this product to market. I’ve thrown out all of my other products and just use this.”


Charlie L: “I had a slight tear in the meniscus of my left knee that bothered me if I stood or sat for long. I applied Relief Rx, and was amazed. In less than 20 seconds – literally, my knee was back to normal. I wasn’t expecting it to work that well or that quickly.”


Mike G.: “I have played handball for 50 years. Over that time I have suffered right shoulder problem from injury, strain from overuse, and tension from rotator cuff surgery. Over the past 15 years, I have had to change shots due to shoulder problems and limitations. I applied ReliefRx and within 30 minutes I was 100%! I can hit all of the shots on the handball court like I could 15 years ago.”

For optimum results, pair with our Colorado Hemp Oil.



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