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Water and Wellness

Active Bundle

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Here’s a great bundle that will make an excellent introduction to products. You’ve always heard that drinking high quality water is one key to feeling your best. Order this bundle today and experience the benefits of purified water and two of our most popular supplements. Be at your best anytime by combining all of these into a new regimen.

Stay at your best this holiday season with our "Be Well Bundle."


This bundle package comes with:

1 AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Unit
1 bottle of Active H2 Ultra
1 bottle of Active pH Restore

Why you'll love this bundle:

The first step to staying well, is water. That's why we included our powerful Reverse Osmosis water purifier with a 4 stage filtration system. Once you have clean purified water, alkalize your body with our new alkalizing mineral powder, Active pH Restore, or combat oxidative stress with Active H2 Ultra!


Like all great things, consistency is key 🔑.

Using our products on a regular basis is how you get RESULTS.

That's why we offer a simple autoship option. You can order your favorite products, on your schedule.

The best part? Savings. Save 10% on your autoship order. Every. Single. Time.

Stay well, save better.

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