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No installation, no plumbing, no hassle! Just pure drinking water

AquaTru® removes or substantially reduces virtually all the toxic chemicals in your tap water.

AquaTru's exclusive, patent pending TruPure technology miniaturized the same reverse osmosis technology used by all the major bottled brands and puts it into a compact countertop water purifier for the first time.

The AquaTru, with it's sleek and practical design also represents: 
  • No installation or water connection required
  • High contaminant reduction efficacy, Best NSF listing.
  • Highest water consumption efficiency of 65-70% (recovery)
  • No excessive post-treatment microbial growth health risk
  • World-class appliance design and user friendliness
  • Best overall value in safe, high quality drinking water available.

AquaTru containers are made from what is considered the safest, purest plastic available - TRITAN by Eastman. This is the same plastic used for the VitaMix food processor and it is free of any BPA and BPS additives.

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