Athlete Necessity Pack
Athlete Necessity Pack
Athlete Necessity Pack
Athlete Necessity Pack
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Athlete Necessity Pack

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Introducing our newest Athletic Pack, made for any athletic lifestyle! 

What Inside Athlete Necessity Pack:

QuintEssential Hypertonic Elixir - 1 box (retails for $25):

Elixir is a natural re-mineralization seawater supplement offering necessary electrolytes and trace elements. Made in easy and convenient on-the-go packaging containing 78 trace elements and minerals - this is the perfect addition to any athletic routine. 

Active H2 ULTRA Magnesium H2 Tablets - 1 bottle (retails for $59.95):

Active H2 ULTRA is a magnesium based tablet that reacts in water to create hydrogen gas. The benefits? More energy, boosted immunity, and rapid recovery! Proper hydration is essential for athletes. In fact losing only 1-2% of your bodyweight in water impairs both athletic and cognitive function. Imagine if the water you drank could increase performance, decrease recovery time all the while protecting you against damages...

Relief Rx - 1 tube (retails for $30):

Relief Rx is a fast acting relief gel made for sore muscles, back and joints. Using natural herbal ingredients such as hemp oil, white willow bark, aloe vera, and iconic trace minerals - this is the power solution to soothe those achy muscles!

How To Use:

QuintEssential Elixir:

For optimal performance, take QuintEssential Hypertonic Elixir 30 minutes prior to meals. For physically demanding days, you can add a second one after finishing activities for recovery. NOTHING is more essential than this nutrient because it serves every biochemical reaction in the body. Use it for your lifetime.

Active H2:

For flexibility and inflammation (oxidative stress of free-radicals) resulting from metabolism and physical activity, take two Active H2 ULTRA tablets in 8 -10 ounces of pure water in between meals or before and after activities. Wait for the tablet reaction to finish and drink hydrogen infused (cloudy) solution immediately (within several minutes). You can use the Active H2 ULTRA tablet in most any aqueous, non-carbonated liquid like cold tea, flavored water and even cold coffee brews.

Relief Rx: 

For sore muscles and achy joints, apply a generous amount of Relief Rx and allow the moisture to absorb naturally into the area. Relief Rx's convenient packaging is great to throw in your gym bag whenever you feel any type of ache or pain.


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